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Business OS for VisualAge
A Distributed Development Framework for Smalltalk

The time required to deliver custom designed, mission critical software applications is considerable. This fact, together with the high cost and low availability of skilled developer resources has occasioned many companies to seek viable alternatives. Mission Software has met the objective of cost effective rapid application development with its Business OS® product. Now application developers can write distributed computing applications without writing distributed code!! This framework covers the majority of issues involved in the development of mission critical n-tier client/server applications:

Simplify application development

  • Allows the development of distributed applications without the need for distributed experienced staff.

Increase speed and scalability

  • As the complexities of distributed applications increase so does the need for speed and scalability.

Support multi-tier applications

  • Provide a means through which to connect to object and relational databases

Support a layered architecture

  • When programming with objects it is very important to have a well-layered design to provide maximum re-use and flexibility.

Run via the Internet

  • The higher latency and lower bandwidth of the Internet compared to a LAN provide additional problems.

Provide transaction and concurrency control

  • Due to large number of clients, transaction and concurrency control become vital.

Minimize the client memory footprint

  • Pulling data back and forth from the server can potentially lead to a bloated client memory.

Provide a set of typical business objects

  • To aid development of applications by re-using common business logic.

Business OS® is a model centric framework that provides integrated application level support for the development of business logic. It affords support for the architecture of domain objects to leverage persistency and transaction management issues. Business objects can be moved into and out of a database with ease and the library of business objects provides a solid base for the development of business logic. Existing business objects can be easily modified or extended, and new ones can be developed with minimal coding. The framework typically provides up to 75% of the application code, thereby reducing the requirement for new code development to as little as 25%. Code reuse is a major feature of this product and reuse percentages of more than 60% have been achieved.

The framework eliminates many of the logistics associated with the VisualAge for Smalltalk programming effort. It makes programming and packaging easier and provides distributed multi-tiered solutions. The layered architecture leverages the full capabilities of the VisualAge Smalltalk product while masking the complexity of the technology. Business OS® facilitates the development of fully scalable mission critical applications with minimal Smalltalk skills.

Business OS® solves the concurrency problems associated with multiple clients working against an application server. The architecture keeps network traffic to a minimum and data can be moved between a Relational Database and an Object Database without any additional coding. Applications are fully scalable and major increases in data volume do not affect either the performance or the client footprint. The framework is database independent and full support is provided for most of the popular RDBs as well as Gemstone and Versant ODBs.

Applications developed with Business OS® are fully Internet enabled without the need for any additional coding. The default client configuration uses ultra thin client technology permitting access to the server by way of a LAN, WAN or an Internet connection. The client code portion only needs to be installed once and provides full application desktop functionality regardless of the client location. Any changes made to the application server are immediately available to the client; completely eliminating the problem of client software distribution. Access to the Smalltalk application server can also be provided via a commercial web browser.

Pricing Information

Business OS® Quick Start Package includes a week of on-site consulting to help your company create successful distributed applications.


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