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Smalltalk Everywhere

Mission Software has created a Smalltalk compiler for the Java Virtual Machine. This compiler allows Smalltalk to run on any JVM. Mission Software's compiler currently produces 100% Java class files fully compatible with the Sun Java Virtual Machine specification. This allows Smalltalk and Java code to interact seamlessly and allows Smalltalk programs to run anywhere Java runs!

Java has taken the world by storm. With the promise of write once run anywhere, and support from a wide number of vendors, Java's effect on the software world is undeniable.

There are two aspects of Java. One is the Java programming language and two, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). These two aspects are not inextricably linked. Writing programs that run in the Java execution environment (Java bytecodes executed by a JVM) should not require that all the source code be written in Java programming language. Read More

Business OS

Distributed Application Development with VisualAge for Smalltalk made easy! The latest version of Business OS® introduces a new way of doing distributed computing over the Internet. Check out the exciting features including:

  • Low network traffic,
  • Transaction/concurrency support
  • Unmatched scalability
  • Simplify distributed application development
  • Increase speed and scalability
  • Support multi-tier applications
  • Support a layered architecture
  • Run via the Internet
  • Provide transaction and concurrency control
  • Minimize the client memory footprint
  • Provide a set of typical business objects

About Us

Mission Software is committed to providing complete solutions to complex business problems through the medium of Object Oriented Technology. Being a strong force in this field allows us to provide you with cutting edge solutions for real world business needs. In today’s competitive environment software development productivity is a major concern. Mission Software provides consulting, education, mentoring, and contracting services to those companies who demand expertise in launching mission critical business applications.

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